Sunday, July 7, 2013

Damn Faint Lines... Am I pregnant or not!?

Friday, June 14, 2013

I threw the positive pregnancy stick away and I was mad!  

Say What!? Yep, on June 12th, right before dinner, I peed on the stick. I was SURE I was pregnant. My boobies hurt just like when I found out I was pregnant with Easton. My appetite was out of control. I was so freaking irritable, cranky, and impatient. Pretty much annoyed at the entire freaking world. You see, I just knew I was pregnant. Because I just knew I was pregnant, I had this grand plan of wrapping the pee stick all nice and pretty in a box and give it to Josh on Father’s Day, in front of our family. It was going to be perfect. That is until I actually peed on the stick and a couple minutes later looked at it and saw a negative readying.  

My heart sank. I was so bummed and disappointed. Because I was just so sure I was pregnant. Throw the box, stick, and instructions in the trash and went to eat. I was sulky at dinner. I didn’t eat much. Faked a chipper smile when Easton made a silly joke or acted crazy. But I was hurt. My hopes were crushed. As we were cleaning up dinner, I let Josh in on my little stick secret. I told him I wasn’t, but I really thought I was. I was just so sure, because if felt just like when I got pregnant with Easton. He gave me a hug and said “It will happen when it’s supposed to happen.” 

The evening went on. I’m getting things put away while Josh and Easton are getting ready for bath time, when Josh comes up to me with the stick I peed on and said “Momma, I read the instructions. The two lines don’t have to be solid pink. One can be faint. Look.” 

My first thought was, this man is crazy. He just plucked the stick I peed on and the instructions out of the trash and read them. Whoa. Talk about love. Then my hope perked back up. Could I be!?  

Then I looked at the stick. Yep, there was a very faint second line. Hmm.. was it there when I looked? Did I wait long enough? Or was it there now because it had been an hour later? Could he really be right?  

I brushed Josh off and said that the test was no good after 10 minutes. We went on with the evening, Easton’s bath and in to bed and I showered and began reading in bed. As Josh is heading into the bathroom, he told me to run down to Dollar General (in a small town this is your only close option) and get another pregnancy. I told him that I would not. I am already in bed. I would grab another in the next couple of days.  

That was that.  

The next day I ran to Walgreens after work and picked up a damn digital pregnancy test. No faint lines this go around. Sheesh, those things are confusing. I stuffed the bag under the sink and waited until Friday morning.  

I was awoken at 3:30 am by a little girl needing to go potty. Who didn’t make it the potty in time. After getting her cleaned up and put back to bed I realized I had to pee like a mother. But I didn’t pee on a stick. I figured it was 3:30 in the morning I needed to go back to bed. No matter which way the test turned out, there was no way I could go back to sleep so I opted not to take the test until I woke for real in a couple of hours.  

5:45 am… It was time. I mustard up some pee and began the process. I put the cap back on and shoved it back in the package. Then stuck it in my makeup draw. I waited. I waited for the 3 minutes you are supposed to and then 1 additional minute, just in case.  

I slowly pulled the stick out of the package and it clearly read PREGNANT!  

My heart leaped! Easton is going to be a big sister! My Father’s Day plan is going to happen. I knew I was freaking pregnant. Thank you, Hubby, for digging in the trash and second guessing me!


Monday, July 1, 2013

SHINE ON! Dance Recital

Her toddler face is now the face of a little lady.
Her words have grown.
Her mind has soared.
She has grown and changed so much. 
November 2012
May 2013

 On Sunday, June 9th, Easton had her first dance recital, Shine On.
The Wednesday before was a full dress rehearsal.Where I was able to sit in the audience and snap photos of her Little Bumble Bee performance. I must say, it is the cutest thing in the world to watch.

 I originally planned on being in the audience during the performance, however, the Friday before Easton was diagnosed with a UTI. Ugh... couldn't have been worse timing. So I decided to go back stage be around for Easton's potty breaks.

Lined up and ready to hit the stage
I was able to watch the performance from the side and I was so proud of Easton. She is definitely a leader. I always tell Josh I would much rather raise an opinionated, vocal, passionate, self confident little girl than one who says nothing and never stands up for herself. 

Thank you to all our family and friends who came out to support our little Bumble Bee!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Omaha, NE- First Family Vacation (FINALE)

Our last day in Omaha was spent eating delightful donuts, getting some exercise, and splashing.
Loaded and Ready to hit the road!

 For breakfast that morning, we hit up a local donut store. This Momma has a sick addiction to donuts. I could easily eat 4-6 donuts in one sitting, thus we don't do donuts... ever.
Next we drove to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. It is the longest pedestrian bridge to link two states and crosses the Missouri River. Since Josh and I work for a bridge contractor, we thought it would be cool to walk it, round trip.

In two states at one time!

 After the long windy hike, we let Easton play in the fountain. The fountains would shoot up sporadically and she would chase after them. She had a blast! Until she slipped and fell. Game over.

We were on the road and headed home by noon.
Overall, Omaha was a great mini vacation for us. I wished we had warmer weather, but we were still able to hit all the attractions we really wanted to see. I am sure we will be back in 5 years. 

Omaha, NE- First Family Vacation (PART 3)

By Sunday, I was scrambling for clean warm clothes for Easton and I. When I packed our bags, I was like "I always pack way too much and never wear half of it". This time I wasn't "over packing". Welp, that pretty much backfired. I didn't pack nearly enough pants for Easton and I. In fact, I packed only 1 pair of capri pants for me and like 2 pair of pants/leggings for Easton. And I hate rewearing pants. They are all stretched out and just feel dirty to me, but I had no other choice. It was cold and shorts were just not going to cut it. Damn Midwest weather. So I rocked my 2 day old pants at the zoo and Easton wore leggings with a shirt that was much too short for a leggings.
( I will refrain from boring you pictures with every single animal we seen, Because let's be honest everyone knows what the hell a bear, tiger, and lion looks like.)

The majority of the Omaha Zoo is indoors, so they can remain open year around. Smart thinking. Anyways the first exhibit we went through was the jungle. It was AWESOME and humid. My fro was frizzing out of control! There are paths, bridges, water, and waterfalls everywhere! It is a very open concept and I was amazed at all the wildlife that was roaming around! We were all sweating by the time we made our way to the bottom.

 Easton wasn't too sure of these dinosaurs. She didn't mind walking the path and looking at them, but refused to get too close enough to touch them. That shit really wasn't happening when they began to move and roar! It was a really cool exhibit and brought back memories of watching the movie Land Before Time!  

 Funny Story Time: So as we are walking out of the outdoor dinosaur exhibit, a 7 year old boy comes whaling, screaming, and crying down the hill behind us. "I don't want to go in! I don't want to go in!". This kid seriously can't get away fast enough. Those life like dinosaurs scared him so much that he took off running away from his parents and would not stop. Finally his Dad caught up to him and snatched him up.
 We headed back to the hotel and crashed!
 Then we headed to Stokes in the Old Market area for dinner. We weren't very impressed with that place.